MERCEDES BENZ W223 S-Class: luxury format for absolute comfort. New replenishment of the car park for rent in Kyiv and Kyiv region! Now you can rent a car MERCEDES BENZ W223 - a luxury and comfortable premium class car t..


1699 from/
  • S-класс
  • W223
  • Full
  • 2021
Mercedes Benz S600 long
Rental of a Mercedes Benz W222 S600 long — premium class car rental meets strict quality and comfort specifications; Mercedes Benz S600 long shows customer status. Hourly rental of Mercedes is an actual service that is n..


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  • S600 Long
  • W222
  • Full
  • 2015
Renting a Mercedes (Mercedes Benz S500 4matik) will be useful for people visiting Kyiv in order to resolve important matters, negotiations, etc. Mercedes hourly rentals help to emphasize status and influence for an af..


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  • S500 Long
  • W221
  • Full
  • 2012
Audi A8 is not just a comfortable car. Renting a business class car allows you to get the perfect quality.  In addition,  it carries information about the status of the person who rides on it. In Kyiv rentin..


850 from/
  • A8 long
  • D4
  • full
  • 2015
BMW 750 xDrive is not just a comfortable car. Renting a premium car allows you to get the perfect quality.  In addition, it carries information about the status of the person who rides on it. In Kyiv renting a BM..


850 from/
  • 750 long
  • F02
  • Individyal
  • 2015
Lexus LS460 is not just a comfortable car. Renting a premium car allows you to get the perfect quality.  In addition, it carries information about the status of the person who rides on it. In Kyiv renting Lexus L..


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  • LS 460 long
  • XF40
  • Full
  • 2014

Premium car rental

VIP-class car rental was created for those who are not used to denying themselves anything. The advantages of such machines are comfort, maneuverability, modern equipment and design. You will find all this in Aurum Auto Kiev.

The premium car series includes expensive mass-produced vehicles as well as exclusive cars. It is definitely not worth convincing customers of the advantages of such machines, because everything is clear and so. Driving and driving such vehicles is a pleasure. Together with us, premium car rental.

All premium cars for rent are equipped with modern engines, electronics, equipment and interior trim. Expensive and rare materials were used in the production process.

Benefits of premium car rental

Thanks to expensive and comfortable cars, any event can be raised to a new level. So you can appreciate the real comfort of the trip and demonstrate your status to others.

Premium car rental from "Aurum Auto Kiev" includes:

  • the presence of new prestigious foreign cars;
  • perfect technical condition of the vehicle. All transport undergoes timely maintenance, so it will definitely not let you down at the most crucial moment;
  • balanced management;
  • excellence in style;
  • high level of convenience;
  • the latest equipment;
  • compulsory insurance policy.

Cars always have an impeccable appearance. Before the trip, they go through a full washing complex.

How to book a premium car rental?

Ordering a car for rent from the Aurum Auto Kiev company is easy. For the convenience of our clients, we have created three methods. So the client can choose the one that suits him specifically. So, you can order a premium class car from Aurum Auto Kiev:

  • by phone number;
  • via the form on the website;
  • in the office.

To order a luxury car with a driver through the form on the website, you need to provide your details, contact phone number, email address, date and time. You have the opportunity to book a car for a specific date.

When concluding a contract, you must have a passport, driver's license, identification code and passport (if any). If you book a car rental with a driver, then a driver's license is not required.

Residents of other countries can also order a car. At the same time, they must necessarily have identity documents and rights that will correspond to the international standard.

Whatever one may say, but in life sometimes there are such cases when it is simply necessary to emphasize your status, or add effect to a solemn event. In this case, premium car rental would be an ideal option. With our terms, everyone can afford it.

The cost of a premium car in Kiev

The company "Aurum Auto Kiev" values each of its clients, therefore it is ready to offer favorable conditions for everyone.

Prices for premium cars start at 499 UAH per hour. The most expensive car will cost 1999 UAH per hour. It should be noted, however, that the price is not fixed. It can change over time. For example, if you ordered a rental car worth 799 UAH, then the more time you drive it, the less its cost will be. As a result, the price will drop to UAH 749.

Premium car rental price from "Aurum Auto Kiev":

  • Mercedes-Benz S-class W223 - 1999 UAH per hour;
  • Mercedes-Benz S600 long - 749 UAH per hour;
  • Mercedes-Benz S500 4matik - 499 UAH per hour;
  • Audi A8 - 850 UAH per hour;
  • BMW 750 xDrive - 850 UAH per hour;
  • Lexus LS460 - 800 UAH per hour.

For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts and special offers on more favorable terms.

Why is it better to rent a premium car at Aurum Auto?

Aurum Auto has been operating in the car rental market for a long time. During this time, we were able to create the most convenient and comfortable conditions for everyone. We want everyone after cooperation with us to be satisfied and charged with positive emotions.

We offer our clients:

  • vehicles of various categories with high technical characteristics and in perfect condition;
  • the ability to order a car at different times;
  • highly qualified driver services with route planning;
  • vehicle insurance;
  • high quality customer service;
  • adequate prices for all services.

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience. All of them perfectly know the city and the rules of the road. We value our clients' time, therefore we are ready to provide fast and safe movement around the city and beyond.

In the case of car rental for special events, including weddings, we will help you draw up a route with a stop near the most striking sights with the opportunity to arrange a vivid and unforgettable photo session. Clients from another city or country will feel comfortable and cozy in a foreign city.

We offer our clients car rental for different purposes:

  • foreign delegations;
  • business meetings, conferences, seminars, etc .;
  • corporate parties;
  • special events, including wedding ceremonies (wedding organizers can decorate the car according to a given theme);
  • romantic dates and others.

For many years of active work, Aurum Auto has managed to occupy one of the leading positions in the premium car rental market in Kiev. We pride ourselves on our level of service and professionalism.

Cooperation with us will be a pleasant and memorable event in life. We will prove to you that renting a car is easy and convenient.