Rent a minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in KievThe popularity of the Mercedes Sprinter minibus rental service is explained by the fact that this model belongs to the outstanding representatives of the industry leaders and ..


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  • Sprinter Maxi 519
  • W906
  • Minibus
  • 2015
Mercedes Benz TRAVEGO will appeal to the organizers of passenger traffic in any direction. The bus is equipped with 51 comfortable seats and is perfect for both tourist excursions and for trips of children or schoolchild..


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  • Extra Long
  • Full
  • 2016
Neoplan 1119 will appeal to the organizers of passenger traffic in any direction. The bus is equipped with 48 comfortable seats and is perfect for both excursions and corporate trips. The excellent noise and vibration..


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  • 1119
  • Maxi
  • Full
  • 2014

Rent a bus

Bus transportation is a very widespread and demanded type of service. Group travel, whether for tourist or any other purpose, is now part of social life. Sports competitions, conferences, holidays with a large number of guests - you can list it endlessly. When you need to transport a large group of people, renting a bus is the best solution.

Modern buses provide passengers with maximum comfort and safety, and experienced drivers will ensure your transportation reliably and with timing.

Bus rental in Kiev

Аurum Auto Kyiv offers bus rental in Kiev at a reasonable price on favorable terms. We take care of all organizational transport issues - bus delivery, refueling, we are responsible for its technical condition.

If you need to rent a bus in Kiev, please contact us, we will fulfill all your wishes and provide high quality transportation.

Renting a bus in Kiev can be used for:

  • tourist groups;
  • corporate events;
  • meeting large groups of guests from the airport with a subsequent excursion;
  • transportation of school groups to Olympiads, sports competitions, graduation parties.

Cooperation is possible with both a private and a legal entity, as well as with government agencies and enterprises.

Bus rental in Kiev involves traffic around the city and its environs. Whatever goal you have, we will solve it promptly and professionally.

Bus rental in Ukraine

Not only city group trips require large and convenient transport. In recent years, tourism in Ukraine has been gaining momentum. More and more people are interested in the sights of our country, especially in the western direction - Bukovel, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathia.

In addition, intercity trips of groups across Ukraine may be needed for the purpose of touring artists, as well as for teams to participate in interregional and all-Ukrainian competitions and for any business purposes.

Аurum Auto Kyiv with pleasure and responsibility will take upon itself the organization of your trip and provide a bus with a professional driver for intercity trips in Ukraine.

Renting a bus in Ukraine will provide you with:

  • exceptional ride comfort;
  • security;
  • punctuality;
  • if you wish, you will be accompanied by a guide.

We will take into account all the nuances of your route, advise the optimal time of departure, ensure that the timing of transportation is observed. By entrusting the bus transportation to us, you can confidently and calmly enjoy your trip, resting on the way and communicating with fellow travelers while waiting for arrival.

How to book a bus for rent?

With Аurum Auto Kyiv, ordering and renting a bus will not be difficult for you. Contact us in any way convenient for you from the section contacts . Our managers perfectly understand all the specifics of your needs and will help you make the right choice of a bus, they will tell you all the details.

We work exclusively in the legal field, we provide all the documentation for vehicles, we guarantee the good condition of the bus and the professionalism of the driver. Bus rental is carried out in full compliance with the Economic Code of Ukraine and the Rules of Passenger Transportation.

The ordering process is organized in such a way that you do not spend a lot of time and organizational resources on it. By trusting professionals, you cut off a lot of the hassle that we take on.

Rent a bus in Europe

The introduction of a visa-free regime has significantly increased the number of trips abroad, in particular to Europe. Аurum Auto Kyiv will help you organize any bus trips abroad.

The following types of group transportation are most often served:

  • organized summer trips for children's groups;
  • visiting several countries for tourism;
  • going to sports and intellectual competitions of teams;
  • any other visits to Europe requiring a large group of people to move.

The international buses of our fleet have a full set of ergonomic features for comfort during a long stay on the road:

  • equipped with mini-toilets;
  • have orthopedic chairs that are adapted for night rest and sleep;
  • equipped with air conditioning and climate control;
  • have a set of entertaining devices - TV, audio system.

We guarantee that your trip to Europe with Аurum Auto Kyiv will not be overshadowed by a tiring journey. We also focus on the fact that all the necessary documentation from our side for crossing the border is drawn up promptly and clearly. All drivers who work on international flights have passports and open visas if necessary. They are well-versed on European highways, know the traffic rules of each country and verified routes for optimal travel. The only force majeure circumstance that can delay you on the way is the queue to go through customs control at the border.

Bus rental cost

The price of renting a bus with a driver includes the cost of the transport and driver services you choose according to your request.

Depending on the distance, duration and transport, we offer the following range:

  • rent a bus Kiev price - to be specified at the time of order
  • rent a bus Ukraine price - to be specified at the time of order
  • bus rental Europe price - to be specified at the time of order

The exact cost of renting a bus will be known upon direct contact with us, all the nuances of transportation taken into account and the conclusion of a contract.

Choose Аurum Auto Kyiv for your group trips. We know exactly how to make your trip comfortable, safe and easy.