Skoda Octavia is a comfortable car. Renting aneconomy class car is rather convenient. Renting Skoda Octavia with a driver can be used for events, including movingaround Kyiv, Ukraine, weddings and other celebrations.Our ..


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  • Octavia
  • A7, Typ 5E
  • 2016
Kia Rio is a comfortable car. Renting an economy class car is rather convenient. Renting Kia Rio with a driver can be used for events, including transportation in Kyiv, Ukraine, weddings, filming and other celebratio..


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  • RIO
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  • Prestige
  • 2017
Toyota Corolla is a comfortable car. Renting an economy class car is rather convenient. Toyota Corolla with a driver can be used for events, including moving around Kyiv, Ukraine, weddings and other celebrations. Wit..


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  • Corolla
  • E170
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  • 2016

Economy class car rental

Often circumstances develop in such a way that we desperately need a car to move in city traffic. This happens if your car is being repaired, or you, for example, arrived in Kiev by another means of transport, but would like to move around the city comfortably and quickly.

In such cases, the service of renting an economy class car is very convenient. It will solve your problem of movement at a reasonable price and will provide an opportunity not to sacrifice your time and comfort, adjusting to the schedules and routes of public transport.

Our fleet includes foreign cars no more than 5 years old, with automatic and manual transmissions, diesel and gasoline, with economical fuel consumption. Among them, the most popular are Toyota Corolla, KIA RIO, SKODA OCTAVIA.

Renting an economy class car in Kiev is an affordable and convenient service from Aurum Auto.

Who can rent an economy class car for?

The car rental service is most often needed by experienced drivers who, for some reason, were left without their own transport. Changing from personal transport to a public business is almost stressful - everyone who is used to moving around the city with comfort and not being limited by the time of departure of minibuses, overloaded metro, and inconvenience of transporting luggage knows this. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; You can use the service of renting an economy class car in the following cases:

  • if your car is under repair or maintenance;
  • if you do not have personal transport, but there are circumstances when it is vital;
  • if you have sold a car and do not want to change the usual rhythm of movement before buying a new one;
  • if you came to Kiev on a business trip, you know the city well and moving by car will save you time and effort;
  • if you are planning a tourist trip and want to quickly and comfortably get to the desired check-points.

Renting an economy-class car will help you out in these situations, will allow you to inexpensively and conveniently solve the problem of your personal logistics.

Benefits of renting an economy class car

We suggest you use the service of economy class car rental and evaluate for yourself how profitable and convenient it is. Let's remember the classic - “a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation”. Economy class cars exemplify this aphorism like no other. Nevertheless, all manufacturers of economy-class cars keep their reputation and do not allow shortcomings in reliability and ergonomics.

& nbsp; We value our customers very much and therefore we only rent cars with a comfortable and clean interior, equipped with a working air conditioning system, and timely maintenance.

The advantages of renting such a car from Aurum Auto are:

  • affordable price;
  • fast processing of your order;
  • comfortable car - accommodation for up to 5 people, roomy trunk. We closely monitor the condition of the car, you can be sure that the rented car will fully correspond to its class;
  • a large fleet of economy class cars. You can choose the most suitable option for yourself, starting from the model, ending with the color;
  • our technical support 27/7;
  • additional services - installation of a navigator, child seat, roof rack, etc.

If you need an economy class car rental service in Kiev

with an optimal price / quality ratio, please contact Аurum Auto.

Rent a car of economy class

Аurum Auto provides economy class cars of various brands for rent at affordable prices.

In order to rent an economy class car, you need to follow a few formalities:

  • the client must be at least 21 years old;
  • have at least 2 years of driving experience;
  • when making a deal, you must have your passport and driver's license;

The rental price includes a car in perfect condition with a full fuel tank, and personalized support 24/7. The rental price is reduced depending on the duration of the car use.

All cars are insured, so in the event of an emergency, please contact our managers who will contact the insurance company and advise you on your actions.

Our company has taken into account all the nuances for your confidence and convenience.

Renting an economy class car without a driver - is an excellent solution for those who are accustomed to independence and comfort of movement, and do not want to sacrifice them for the sake of circumstances. We guarantee you the provision of car rental services at a high level without risks and overpayments. Contact us, and the problem of your movement in Kiev and the surrounding area will be solved quickly, reliably and profitably.