Skoda Octavia

  • Octavia
  • A7, Typ 5E
  • 2016

1-5 Hours 350
6 - 10 Hours 300
11 - 15 Hours 270
More 15 Hours from 249

Skoda Octavia is a comfortable car. Renting aneconomy class car is rather convenient. Renting Skoda Octavia with a driver can be used for events, including movingaround Kyiv, Ukraine, weddings and other celebrations.

Our company, Aurum Auto, will help to complywith the rules and etiquette of the highest level, if it is the receiving side,renting a car with a driver helps in this. We always guarantee high qualityservice, economy class cars are served at the agreed time, being clean and fullyoperational. If a person would not like to get to a hotel or other place bytaxi, renting Skoda Octavia is a popularservice.

With the help of our driver, various inconveniencescan be eliminated, so renting anaffordable car is automatically complemented by excellentdriving skills and knowledge of the city. If necessary, you can order aMercedes V class or Neoplan bus for transporting a large number of people, you can choose premium cars orSUVs. We offer Mercedes Benz S600 for rent in Kyiv with a driver, hourly, for a day and anotherperiod, at a bargain price