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  • GLS 400d
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  • 2019
Mercedes Benz GLS 500 4matik is the leader in its class. It is an ideal premium SUV for the city and off-road. This car combines the comfort of a luxury business sedan, while possessing excellent dynamics and excellent s..


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  • GLS 500 4matik
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  • 2021
Everyone wants to have a status SUV or just try out a new product, including the Land Rover Range Rover. Renting a Land Rover Range Rover with a driver is a great option for performing described tasks, meetings of dele..


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If you need to rent a status SUV or just experience the Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver, then you are welcome to contact us. It is a great option for performing the described tasks, meetings of delegations and other..


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SUV rental

Increasingly, city dwellers choose green tourism and travel outside the city. The hectic life of megacities forces us from time to time to give up all everyday worries and go to travel or have an active vacation.

SUVs are cars with increased cross-country ability on difficult roads due to their high ground clearance and all-wheel drive. These machines are ideal for use in places where there is no normal asphalt pavement.

If you have a city runabout or a business-class sedan, then you cannot do without renting an SUV when you decide to go to the mountains, forest or to the country.

In addition to high cross-country ability, SUVs are also distinguished by the large capacity of both the cabin and the trunk. If you are planning active tourism and carry a lot of equipment, then without such a car you will not be comfortable either.

Rentals are also in demand for the purpose of carrying out a test drive before buying, for example. Aurum Auto Kyiv provides an opportunity to rent SUVs for any purpose, quickly and easily completing a rental deal.

Rent an SUV in Kiev

Renting an SUV in Kiev from Aurum Auto Kyiv is a guarantee that you can safely and reliably make your country or any other trip.

Frequent purposes for which SUVs are rented are:

  • trips to mountainous areas;
  • long journeys on roads remote from the main highways;
  • test drives;
  • any occasions where the customer simply prefers powerful big machines.

It is interesting in this case that psychosomatics works - while driving such a car, you will feel more confident and stronger. Aurum Auto Kyiv offers you SUVs of the following brands for rent: Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover.

Take advantage of the SUV rental service and feel the full reliability and power of these "all-terrain vehicles"

The advantages of renting a jeep

Clients who value time and quality service turn to us for an SUV rental service. Having sat behind the wheel of such a car once, you can no longer deny yourself such pleasure at the right time. An SUV is a reliable, roomy and fast car for lovers of power and impressiveness.

& nbsp; The advantages of SUV rental are:

  • an opportunity to make an extreme trip without investing huge funds in a purchase;
  • exemption from expensive maintenance costs;
  • no need to provide an increased level of security for the car.

You simply conclude a deal with us, use the car on favorable terms for your own purposes and return it to us. Make your plans come true - rent an SUV and go on an adventure trip.

Aurum Auto Kyiv also accepts orders for renting SUVs for business trips of visitors. It is no secret that many businessmen and business people prefer SUVs even to the premium class. Often these are top managers who, when visiting the capital, do not want to give up their usual level of comfort and car power. If desired, we will provide a jeep for rent with a driver so that the client can focus on business and relax after the plane or train.

You can also order an SUV for a test drive at Aurum Auto Kyiv. The all-wheel drive car will give you all the benefits, and you can easily decide on the purchase after a test drive.

Transfer by SUV to the airport is also relevant if you are sure that your guest appreciates powerful, sturdy and reliable cars. He will appreciate your attention and concern for his interests.

How to order an off-road vehicle rental in “Aurum Auto Kyiv

Aurum Auto Kyiv offers you SUV rental at competitive prices. You can order a car rental with or without a driver in a matter of minutes, using the communication method convenient for you. The driver will arrive at your destination exactly at the time you specified and will be ready to take you and / or your guests with maximum comfort, or transfer the car to your use at any point of geolocation convenient for you.

SUV rental takes place in several simple stages:

  • connect with our manager;
  • car selection;
  • clarification of details - lease duration, availability of additional options;
  • registration of the transaction;
  • getting a car for use.

We draw your attention to the fact that at the time of the transaction with you you must have a driver's license and passport.

Renting an SUV can be so profitable, quick and enjoyable that you will not want to say goodbye to this service and will come back for it again and again. This is how we work - to meet the interests of each client.

& nbsp; Aurum Auto Kyiv guarantees each client:

  • perfect condition of any car;
  • fast and easy registration;
  • loyalty program for regular customers;
  • reasonable prices;
  • full CASCO car insurance;
  • 7/27 technical customer support.

The process of renting an SUV will not take you more than 20 minutes - we value your and our time. With a quick procedure, you can get behind the wheel of these heavyweights and fully enjoy the power, flotation and spaciousness of the cabin.

SUV rental cost

Many people think that car rental, especially an SUV, is not a cheap pleasure. They are partly right. Good things never come cheap - this postulate will never lose its relevance.

But our pricing policy is very reasonable and Aurum Auto Kyiv does not pursue the goal of enriching itself through a one-time order, we work to ensure that every client is satisfied and will definitely come back to us more than once.

SUV rental prices in Aurum Auto Kyiv:

  • Mercedes Benz GLS 580 - from 1350 UAH / hour;
  • Mercedes Benz GLS 500Mercedes Benz GLS 500 4matik - from 750 UAH / hour;
  • Mercedes Benz G500 - from 550 UAH / hour;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - from 750 UAH / hour;
  • Land Rover Range Rover - from 1350 UAH / hour.

Depending on how long your lease is, the price per hour may go down. The longer the term, the lower the price of SUV rental.

Use the service of off-road vehicle rental from Aurum Auto Kyiv and you will understand how fast, profitable and reliable it is.