Toyota Land Cruiser 200

  • Land Cruiser
  • LC 200
  • LC 200 Executive Lounge
  • 2013

1-5 Hours 900
6 - 10 Hours 800
11 - 15 Hours 780
More 15 Hours from 750

If you need to rent a status SUV or just experience the Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver, then you are welcome to contact us. It is a great option for performing the described tasks, meetings of delegations and other events. Renting a SUV in Kyiv with a driver is affordable for almost every person, even in case of premium SUVs. Renting a premium car in Kyiv will delight every person who is fond of luxury, speed and impeccability. We can offer various payment options for renting an Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. Delivery is on time, the car is clean and in good condition. Our company can offer a large selection of vehicles, from  premium Mercedes S class cars to buses. In addition, there are many other services:

1. Order a car with a driver.

2. Reservation of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in Kyiv in advance.

3. Assistance in choosing a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV premium.

4. Payment for the rental of Toyota Land Cruiser and other models,both in cash and bank transfer.