Mercedes Benz GLS 580

  • GLS 400d
  • X166
  • Full
  • 2019

1-5 Hours 1500
6 - 10 Hours 1450
11 - 15 Hours 1400
More 15 Hours from 1350

Everyone wants to have a status car or just try out a new product, including the Mercedes Benz GLS 580. Renting a Mercedes is a great option for performing the tasks described, meetings of delegations and other events. Renting a car in Kiev is inexpensively available for almost every person, even for premium class cars.

Our company can offer a wide range of vehicles, from buses like Mercedes to a premium class car - Mercedes S class. In addition, there are many other services:

1. An advance booking a Mercedes for rent in Kiev.

2. An order of a car with a driver at the address.

3. Help of employees in choosing a premium car, based on events.

4. Settlement of payments for the rental of Mercedes Benz GLS 580 and other models, in cash or bank transfer.


Renting a premium class car in Kiev will delight everyone who loves luxury, speed and impeccability. We can offer various options, paying hourly for Mercedes or used for rent for a day or more. All vehicles are insured against accidents. Delivery on time, in a clean and in good condition.