Neoplan 1119

  • 1119
  • Maxi
  • Full
  • 2014

1-5 Hours 900
6 - 10 Hours 870
11 - 15 Hours 850
More 15 Hours from 800

Neoplan 1119 will appeal to the organizers of passenger traffic in any direction. The bus is equipped with 48 comfortable seats and is perfect for both excursions and corporate trips. The excellent noise and vibration isolation of the Neoplan 1119 bus, the legendary ride smoothness allow passengers to completely relax and spend time on the road with the highest level of comfort. Comfortable seats can recline, which is the must for long-distance transportation. An impressive list of modern developments from perhaps the largest and most famous manufacturer of automotive equipment in the world is responsible for passenger safety. The salon is equipped with air conditioning, and in the cold season there is heating, so that a trip in such a bus will always be pleasant. In a compartment with an unrivaled level of comfort, all this makes the Neoplan 1119 bus the most attractive in the niche of large buses. If you want to experience the true pleasure of the trip and not think about the road, then rent a bus with a Neoplan 1119 driver.