Mercedes Benz E220

  • E220
  • W212
  • Eleganse
  • 2013

1-5 Hours 400
6 - 10 Hours 380
11 - 15 Hours 350
More 15 Hours from 330

In the real world, you may need not just a car, but a Mercedes E220. or Mercedes Sprinter, S class. The choice depends on situations and other circumstances, however, buying a vehicle may not be practical or profitable, so renting a premium car is the best solution at an affordable price. In addition, a personal car may not meet certain requirements. Renting a Mercedes-Benz E220 helps to get a chic appearance of transport, a comfortable and clean interior, and 100% confidence in technical condition.


Premium class cars will be safe, reliable and with excellent maneuverability as standard. Even on a bad road, you can get ride comfort.


Car rental of premium class in Kiev helps to emphasize the status or specific event and show the attitude towards individuals. The very transportation itself remains in the spotlight.


Mercedes for rent in Kiev is convenient for the following situations:

1. A wedding where you need a Mercedes rental for just married.  the young.

2. Business meetings or negotiations, it is reasonable to rent a car with a driver.

3. Transfer to the airport

4. Birthdays and anniversaries.

5. Stag or hen parties.

6. Date.


Hourly Mercedes rental is the best choice for many people and events. Car rental in Kiev is inexpensively carried out not only for Mercedes E220, there are many other transport options.