Toyota Camry New

  • Camry
  • E70
  • Premium
  • 2017

1-5 Hours 499
6 - 10 Hours 449
11 - 15 Hours 429
More 15 Hours from 399

Toyota Camry New is not just a comfortable car. Renting a business class car allows you to get the perfect quality. In addition, it carries information about the status of the person who rides on it. In Kyiv renting Toyota Camry with a driver can be used for motorcades, businessmen, diplomats or simply successful people. Toyota Camry E70 can be rented for events, including weddings and other celebrations.

Our company will help you to comply with the rules and etiquette of the highest level, if you are

 the host, we will help you to rent a business class car with a driver. We always guarantee high quality service, premium cars are served at the agreed time, being clean and fully operational. None high-ranking and respected person would give preference to get to a hotel or another place by taxi, so renting Toyota Camry with a driver and other options is a popular service.

With the help of our driver, various inconveniences can be eliminated, so renting a premium car is automatically complemented by excellent driving skills and knowledge of the city. If necessary, you can order a Mercedes Viano or Neoplan bus for transporting a large number of people, you can choose premium cars or SUVs. We offer Mercedes for rent in Kyiv hourly, for a day and another period, at a bargain price.